Support a
in Need



We use donations to help the homeless households we service pay for vital documentation (I.D., social security card, birth certificate, etc.); rental application fees, move-in costs, furniture, bus tickets, clothing, school supplies, COVID-19 protection equipment, and many other household necessities to assist our clientele with the transition from homelessness to housing.

If you have goods you would like to donate, please contact us at [email protected], and someone will reach out to you.

Send A Check

Checks can be written out to “Community & Home Supports” and mailed to or dropped of at our office.

220 Bagley St #600

Detroit, MI 48226

Donate Online

Online donations can be made to client specific needs or campaigns at:


or to our General Fund (via Paypal) at the ‘Donate’ button above. 

Donate Goods

If you have goods that you would like to donate,

email: [email protected]

and someone will coordinate with you.

Other ideas?

If you would like to contribute in another way,

email: [email protected]

and someone will contact you!