What We do.

The name of our Agency is Community & Home Supports, Inc. (CHS). We have been in existence since 2008. We are a not for profit corporation with headquarters in Downtown Detroit. CHS’s mission is to fight poverty. Currently, we do that by providing the following community services:

Low Income Housing

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Homeless Services

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Low Income Housing

We own and manage a low income housing tax credit property located on Hubbell Ave., just south of 7mile rd. in Detroit, MI. The property has 11 residential units that are rented out at a below market value rate to low income households in need of stable, safe, and affordable housing. We also own and are redeveloping several adjacent properties and have partnered with local businesses and residents during this process in an effort to participate in reducing neighborhood blight.


We are a member of the Detroit Continuum of Care (CoC). The Detroit CoC is a network of nonprofits and government agencies in Detroit that work together to provide services to Detroit’s homeless and at risk households. More information can be found here. The existence of a CoC is a requirement for any community in the U.S. requesting federal funding for homeless services. We support the Detroit CoC by playing three primary roles:

We have expertise in areas such as initial contact and assessment with homeless and at risk households; landlord/tenant law; and federal, state, and local homeless policies and regulations. We use our expertise to advocate for individuals; ensuring that they know and understand their rights and that they receive the services they’re eligible for in an appropriate manner.

Coordinated Entry

The Detroit CoC’s coordinated entry system is called the Coordinated Assessment Model (CAM). More information can be found here. Southwest Solutions is the CAM Lead Agency and we are the CAM Implementation Agency. In this role, we are responsible to meet with any household that enters a Detroit CoC shelter, assess their service needs, assist them with acquiring vital documents (social security card, I.D., etc.), and refer them to a CoC agency that can provide them financial and supportive services assistance.

Housing and Supportive Services:

We provide ongoing financial support with monthly housing costs for 104 homeless households. CHS also provides these households with supportive services such as mental health counseling, substance abuse counseling, healthy living counseling, tenancy management, budget and financial counseling, and other services based on their needs. The ultimate goals for each household we service are empowerment and independence


Our vision is to expand on our ability to empower the community, tenants, and clientele we support by increasing the level of services we can afford to provide to each individual.